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Importing ASCII File for Sort Views

Accountants Enterprise only

When using the Import Sort Views routine to import sort view tables you have generated in other applications, you must convert any sort view tables in other applications into ASCII text files in order to import them. The ASCII file must have a specific format otherwise it cannot be imported. Once the import routine is complete, the ASCII file may be deleted. The format of the file is structured as follows:

  • the contact or employee code, for example, ALLGPRO

  • then EITHER the letter C meaning contact or E meaning employee

  • the sort view you wish to create, for example, FEES

  • the sort view value, for example, YTD time fees

Each of these variables must be separated by the [&] character (press [Alt+2+5+4] on the numeric pad of your keyboard to display this ASCII character). For example, the file may be designed as follows:


If you were to create the above file in PMA it would be created under PTC, Reporting, layouts, client layouts as follows:


You would then print the report to disk via the Print Letters and Labels routine under PTC, Reporting, Layouts.

  • Within PMA there is a sample layout of the example above called CDIMPORT. Use the print letters and labels option under Practice Time and Cost, Reporting, Layouts to print the ASCII file to disk. When in the print letters and labels option remember to replace the default layout LETTER with CDIMPORT.

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