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Lodgment Batch Viewer

The Lodgment Batch Viewer tab shows the status of all lodgments.

To open the Lodgment Batch Viewer, select it from the Lodgment Manager homepage.

Lodgment Batch Viewer tab

All individual and multiple returns submitted for lodgment are given a unique Batch Id. The status of each batch is listed in the Lodgment Batch Viewer tab:

You can filter the results by date using the From and To fields

Batch Status

  • Complete – the batch has completed without any errors.
  • Error – an error indicates an undetermined system level problem. You may need to contact MYOB support to resolve it.
  • In Progress – shows while a batch lodgment is in progress; the tab will be refreshed periodically until it finishes.

Combined validation report

You can print a combined validation report for each lodgment (batch) – select Tasks > Tax Return > Print combined validation report.

The report contains results for all lodgments in the batch.


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