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Name and Address Data Entry when using CDS

Accountants Enterprise with Tax only

Practice Manager users record clients details using the Create Client/Contact wizard and maintain these details on the tabs for the client in PM.

The Name and Address Organiser provides the user with three different options for storing employee names and addresses. 

  • Entering and storing names and addresses in Tax, not in CDS.
    After you have entered the relevant details at the Name and Address Organiser, click [OK] to save the information in Tax only. 

    If the details have not been stored previously, the default storage option will determine where it is stored.

  • Transferring names and addresses entered in Tax to CDS for storing.
    To transfer the name and address details entered in Tax to CDS, at the Name and Address Organiser, select the Transfer to CDS option.

    This is available only if the name or address information is currently stored in Tax.

  • Updating and transferring CDS names and addresses to Tax.
    To transfer a CDS name or address into Tax for updating and storing, at the Name and Address Organiser, select the Copy from CDS option. The information on the screen will be transferred into Tax. A message displayed will confirm that this name or address is now stored locally BUT also remains in the CDS Names or Address index.

    The Copy from CDS function is available only if the name or address information is derived from the CDS application.

Wherever a name or address is displayed in an Tax edit routine, for example, schedules or return maintenance, a tick indicates that the name or address comes from CDS or has been transferred to CDS.

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