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Scheduling a time to run the activity statement lodgment report

  • Schedule the report to run after hours so that your pre-fill data is available the following day.
  • It is important that you only run the report once each day for each agent. If you reschedule it to run again on the same day, you'll get an error from the ATO (CMN.ATO.ODRPT.EM1001 — Only one 'Whole of Agency' report can be requested per day).
  • It takes approximately 1 hour to retrieve the report.
  • If you schedule the report to start today, but the start time has passed, the report downloads immediately.
  • Agents with more than 20,000 clients must retrieve the report between 9 pm and 06:00 am. The ATO only make it available between these times.
To schedule a report
  • Select Schedule Report from the Tasks bar or select Agent Reports from the Tax button menu.
  • Select an agent from the drop-down.
  • Select Activity statement lodgment report.
  • Click Request/Schedule Report.
  • In the Schedule Agent Report window select your Schedule time and click OK.

  • Click OK on the Schedule ATO Report screen.

  • We'll update the grid with the scheduled time and a status of Report Requested.
  • Repeat steps 2–6 for all required agents.

You must reschedule your reports if they fail to download or after the ATO has performed system maintenance. If you don't reschedule them, they won't run.

To reschedule a report, you need to

  • Choose a different schedule time or
  • Select another time, click OK, then revert to the time you'd already chosen.
    For example, if you've scheduled the time as 1 am and you want to keep it at that time:
  1. change it to 2 am and click OK
  2. change it back to 1 am and click OK.

If the Last Received Date of a scheduled ASLRPT is more than 2 days old, you'll see a message at the bottom of the Activity Statement Obligations homepage with a red indicator.

'Scheduled report has not been retrieved by # agents. Please check Agent Reports homepage for details.'

In the Agent Reports homepage, click the status hyperlink to view the error and its meaning. Take action if required.

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