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Share Business Proportion - Pools

This screen allows the decline in value of the General small business pool to be allocated across one or more of the business worksheets (b or c). The total decline in value of the General small business pool will be multiplied by the percentage indicated and that amount will be transferred into the appropriate worksheet.

To add a new entry to allocate the pool deduction
  1. Click New.

  2. Select the appropriate business schedule (b or c). If you have not previously created the selected worksheet, Tax will create it, giving it the number 1. Where more than one Business schedule of the same type exists, select the relevant schedule.

  3. Enter the percentage amount of decline in value to be integrated to that worksheet. The total decline in value for the pool will be multiplied by this amount for integration.

  4. Click OK to accept the entry. You may allocate to one or more business schedules. The total allocation must equal 100%.

  5. When you have completed the allocation, click OK.

Integration will also occur to the Small business entity depreciation asset item in the relevant return via the Small business entity depreciating assets worksheet (sda).

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