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Status Level Index

Accountants Enterprise only

The index is available if you have Monitor using Status Levels selected on the Control Record Lodgment Tab. The index lists the status levels you have set up for use by the practice.

How to access the Status Level index
  1. In the Control Record > Lodgment Tab set the Monitor Lodgment field to Status Levels 'L'.

  2. Select Maintenance > Status Levels.

  3. The index will be displayed.

From this index, these functions are available:

  • Add a status. Select New. The Add/Edit Status screen will be displayed.

  • Edit an existing status. Highlight the required status and select Properties.

  • Delete an existing status. Highlight the required status and select Delete. You are given the opportunity to confirm the deletion by selecting Yes, or to cancel the deletion by selecting No.

How to produce a list of the status levels in use in Tax
  1. Select Maintenance > Status Levels to open the Status Levels index.

  2. Select File > List.

  3. The Preview/Print screen allows you to select the output device for this listing.

  4. The Record Selection allows you to enter the range of status codes to be listed. Every status that is within the range entered will be listed.

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