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Tax Contacts

In Tax, a Tax Contact is named on the income tax return declaration as the person to whom the ATO should direct queries regarding the return.

Your practice must have at least one Tax Contact. This is the person named on the Control Record Names tab. If the practice only has the one Contact that person will be the Tax Contact for every income tax return prepared.

Your practice may have more than one Contact. The list of additional Contacts is opened when you are maintaining the list and when you are selecting a Contact for a process. For example when you are selecting the Tax Contact for a return on the Return Properties Staff tab or for replacement using Bulk Edit Return.

How to maintain additional Contacts
  1. Click Maintenance > Contacts.

  2. These actions are available:

  • Click New to open the Contact Properties screen and add a Contact.

  • Click Properties to open the Contact Properties and edit the details. 

  • Click Delete to remove the Contact from the list. You must confirm this action.

  • When the details have been entered, click OK to save and exit.

  • How to produce a list of additional Contacts
    1. Click Maintenance > Contacts to open the list of Contacts.

    2. Click File > List to open the Record Selection dialog.

    3. Enter the range of codes to be listed, and click OK to continue. For example click [Enter] twice to print a report of all Contacts.

    4. The Preview/Print screen is displayed.

    5. Select the output options for this listing, and click OK to continue.

    How to select a Contact when preparing a return
    1. Click the Return Properties icon and open the Staff tab. If there is no Contact name, the return is being handled by the default Contact for the practice.

    2. At the Contact code press [F10] to open the list of Contacts.

    3. Click Select to make the highlighted entry the Tax Contact for the return.

      If necessary you may add, edit and delete Contacts before making your selection.

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