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User Preferences

The User Preferences are the standard settings which take effect when the user is completing or printing returns and schedules. A user's preferences override the defaults established for the practice.

The first time an operator logs into Accountants Enterprise Tax:

  • the user code is added to the Users Index, and

  • the User Preferences are a copy of the practice settings on the Control Record.

Each user therefore has a set of User Preferences which they may modify, or they may choose any User Preference at any time.

How to access the user preference settings for Estimates and Audit Trails
  1. Select Maintenance > User Preferences.

  2. The General details display for:

  • the current user code and name and,

  • the User Preference for that user code.

  • At the Preference field on the General Tab, click [F10].

  • Locate the required preference in the index and click Properties.

  • Tab to the Print Job field and click [F10].

  • Open the Forms and Estimates Tabs and make any necessary changes.

  • Click [F6] to exit and save the changes.

  • User Preferences Attributes

    The attributes which make up the User Preferences are shown on tabcards:

    About User Preferences

    • When a new user first logs in, Tax copies the practice defaults and print options for them. Every user therefore has their own set of User Preferences identified by their user code that they may modify.

    • Customised User Preferences take precedence over standard for the practice.

    • The standard preferences for the practice, are accessed by selecting Utilities > Practice default options > Print Options and Utilities > Control Record.

    • Changes to the practice defaults and print options for the practice do not flow through to User Preferences automatically.

    • If the Page Setups for a user are cleared by from the Return Print Setup screen, the standard Page Setups for the practice will be used.

    • If you make any changes to the print jobstream immediately prior to printing, those changes are used for the current printing task only.

    • A user may select any User Preference or Print Options available.

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