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Creating Shortcuts

Accountants Enterprise only

A shortcut gives you a link to a ledger stored in another folder. This allows you to bring together into one place a series of ledgers from different areas. Shortcuts have these general features:

  • a shortcut inherits security settings and properties from the destination item

  • any number of shortcuts can point to the same destination item

To create a shortcut
  1. Open the Folder in which you want to create the shortcut.

  2. Click FileNew > Shortcut to open the Select folder window.

  3. Select the folder and item which you want to access with a shortcut. The New Shortcut properties window opens. The window is pre-filled with the item details you selected.

  4. If required, alter the Use origin masters option by selecting this checkbox. The Use origin masters option applies to ledgers, and when set (default), directs the system to look for Master files according to the Master setting for the destination folder. Master files are Program and data files external to the application. For example, MAS master chart of accounts and master Freeform.
    If cleared, it indicates that the system should assume master file location according to the Masters setting for the folder in which the shortcut resides. Effectively it allows the master file location to be overridden.
    It is rare to make use of this facility. One example is where a user may wish to create/edit new master Freeform or Letters while using a normal client ledger for testing, but not using the standard practice master files.
  5. If required, alter the Inherit name option.
    When set (default) the system will inherit the name property from the destination item.
    If this is cleared, the name becomes a property of the shortcut and ceases to track the destination item name. Effectively, it allows an alias name to be used.
    This may indicate some specific property of the shortcut (for example, ABC Manufacturing – Draft Reports). Another use is to force a specific ordering of items in a folder where contents are sorted by name.
  6. When you have completed creating the shortcut, click OK. The folder listing is updated with new shortcut properties automatically.
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