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cud - Change or advise address for a client - Non-individual entities (PLS CUADDR)

For more information about Client Update Forms see Client Update Forms via PLS.

Although the ATO has named this schedule Change Address, the same form is used for advising the address of a new client for IT or AS purposes.

Therefore, if you are advising the address for a new client, you should NOT lodge the CUADDR until the new client has been added to your IT or AS list by the ATO. The ATO has informed software developers that once the CUREL is lodged, updating their records is instantaneous. Failure to ensure that the client is on the relevant list, will result in your CUADDR being rejected on lodgment.

This is a multiple schedule for those occasions when your client might change addresses more than once during the income year.

The CU forms are available from the Preparation > Schedules Index or from the navigation pane under ATO forms when the return is open.

To open the CUADDR
  1. With the income tax return open, click CU Change address (CUADDR) on the navigation pane ATO Forms. The cud form will open in read-only mode.

  2. Answer the question to establish that this client is already included on your client list or activity statement list.

  3. Select a Type from the F10 drop-down.

  4. Select one of Business or Postal or correspondence from the Address usage drop-down.

  5. Type the new address.

  6. Press F3 or click the Validate icon to complete the form.

  7. Output and lodge in the normal way.

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