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Mailing Address

Accountants Enterprise with Tax only

Practice Manager users do not have the Mail tab but use the Create Client/Contact Wizard to record address details.

These details appear on the client’s Addresses and Main tabs. The Mailing address can be maintained through the Addresses tab.

To access the mailing address for a return, click Return Properties > Mail Tab.

An address may be:

  • typed directly into the address fields on the Mail tab or

  • they may be selected from CDS or

  • they may be added to CDS and then selected from CDS.

Creating a new return

If you are creating a new return, the Postal Address for the will default to:

  • the Mailing Address fields in Return Properties, and

  • the Home Address fields on the front cover of the tax return.

The Front cover home address must be a physical address and not a Post Box, or Private Bag address.

Store new names and addresses in CDS

Depending on the selection made at Store new names and addresses in CDS in the Control Record > Defaults Tab, an address typed directly into the fields on this tab will be automatically transferred to CDS if the Transfer to CDS button is active.

The address fields in this tab are referred to as the Mailing Address for the return, that is the address to which you send correspondence to your client. These fields can be used in Letter writing and are as follows:

A193Mailing address line 1
A194Mailing address line 2
A195Mailing address line 3
A196Mailing address line 4
Return Postal Address
Front cover residential or home address
Front cover previous address

The Mailing address on this tab can be changed after the return has a status of Lodged. The Name and Address fields on the actual tax return cannot be changed once the return is lodged.

CDS Addresses index

To access the CDS Addresses index from the Mail Tab, click [Select] or [Alt+S] to open the Select from Addresses for Contact index.

  • To select an address, highlight the address and click [Enter].

  • To add a new address to the index, click New.

  • To edit an existing address, click Properties or [Alt+P].

If you have selected either Properties or New, the Address properties for the Contact display including the name of the Contact.


The type field is used to differentiate addresses for the client's address book, for example Postal Address, Home Address, Business Address.

Where an address is first entered in the tax return or the Mail Tab (that is, it has not been created previously in CDS), it is automatically given the type TXADDR. The TXADDR address type is specified by the ATO and is truncated when it reaches the ELS limit of 38 characters per line. Where the address exists in CDS, editing it in the tax return or the Mail Tab will update the record held in CDS.

Address Details

The fields for entering the address are specifically defined for Tax Returns and there are only 2 lines for Street address. CDS allows 4 lines. This format is relevant to all addresses other than Control Record address.

  • Line 1 = Street Number and Name (38 characters)
  • Line 2 = Street Number and Name (continued) (38 Characters)
  • Line 3 = Suburb (27 Characters)
  • Line 4 = State Postcode
AddresseeIf required enter the name of the person/entity to whom the correspondence is to be sent or select from the Select Names for Contact index. This field is optional.
Foreign (Overseas) Addresses

To enter an overseas address, it is important NOT to enter a State or Postcode in the Mail yab or the Name and Address Organiser.

If you enter the overseas address in CDS, you will enter the foreign State and ZIP code in the labelled fields and also enter the Country. When these details are passed from CDS to Tax, Tax will string the Suburb, State and Postcode fields together and default all of them to the Suburb line and the Country to the Country line in the tax return.

Copy from

To copy any existing address in CDS to this address, click [Alt+P]. From the Select address to Copy from index, highlight the address and click [Enter]. The selected address will be displayed in the address fields.

Shared from

To share addresses between 2 or more clients, select [Alt+S]. From the Select address to share index, highlight the address to be linked to this client, and click [Enter]. The selected address will be displayed in the address fields.

If the Shared Icon (two heads) is displayed to the right of the Type field, the address is being used by several names. To view a list of all names that share the address, from the Select from Addresses for Contact select the Shared data button. If a shared address is edited in one area, all other areas using this shared address will automatically be updated.


To find out where a particular CDS name or address is used in Tax, select the Use option to display a list of the locations.

Addresses may also be selected from business schedules and the front cover.

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