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Motor Vehicle Rates per Km

The Motor Vehicles dialog contains the rate that applies for the business use of the cents per kilometre method of calculating the motor vehicle expenses deduction for work related or business kilometre travelled.

If the rate changes partway through the year, to save you having to wait for MYOB to deliver an updated service pack, functionality exists so you can open the Maintenance dialog and change the figure to read the new published figure. The next time you open the mve, the new rate entered will be defaulted to the ‘cents per kilometre’ field and the allowable deduction recalculated.

How to edit or print the Motor Vehicles Rates - Per Kilometre Rates
  1. Click Maintenance > Tax Rates > Motor Vehicles.

  2. Click Edit to enter rates in the fields. The rates you enter will overwrite the current value in the mve worksheet so that next time, the rate you entered will be defaulted and the deduction recalculated.

  3. Click Print to Preview or Print this rate and click OK.

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