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Accountants Enterprise and Series 6/8 only

The Optimiser is a useful tool for providing a summary of the various average tax rates of taxpayers, being beneficiaries of a Trust, for the purpose of permitting the Trustee to decide on which beneficiaries will receive a distribution of Trust Income.

If the ledger is set up on a one client to many returns basis, when the Optimiser is run by selecting [Shift+F4], Tax will collect all of those returns within the Group for which an [F4] estimate has been run and prepare a report listing these taxpayers together with the amount of tax payable/refundable and the average rate of tax for each taxpayer.

If the ledger is set up on a one-client-one-return basis, selecting the Batch option will provide the Return Index where the user may select those beneficiary returns that may be entitled to a share of the income of the Trust.

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