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Print Letter

To print a Tax Letter
  1. Click Tax Letters > Print Letter.

  2. Highlight a letter in the index and click Select.

  3. Click OK to open the Record Selection dialog to select to process a single return, a range of returns or a batch of returns.

    This return - the tax letter generated is based on the return currently being processed.

    (AE, Series 6 & 8) Batch - allows you to select the required returns at random from the Select Return index.

    (AE, Series 6 & 8) Range - you must select primary, secondary or tertiary sequencing when specifying a range of returns to process. On the range selection screen you must enter the first and last codes in the range. A letter will be printed for each return falling within the range. Alternatively, where the return codes are well known the range screen can be used to enter a list of non-consecutive return codes (similar to the batch screen).

  4. Click OK to open the letters with values merged from Tax.

  5. The letter opens as a Microsoft Word document that can be edited, printed or saved.

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