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Relation Tree Report

Accountants Enterprise only

This option enables you to print a report on all the existing relations between contacts in your database. Click Reports > Relation Tree to open the Relation Tree Options window.

Use relation: At this field, nominate the relation on which you wish to report. Click [F10] or the ellipsis to display a list of options. For example, associate, father etc and select a valid option.

Group by: At this field, nominate whether you wish to sort this report by partner or manager or not at all.

Include contacts without selected relation: If you tick this checkbox then contacts that do NOT have the specified relation code attache2017d will also print on the report.

Click OK to continue. The Output Device window displays; select an output device of screen, printer or disk file to which to print the report.

The Sequence Range window then displays. Select a particular sequence and the relevant window for that option displays. You then nominate the range of contacts to be included in the report. After the system searches the database, the relation tree report prints in the manner you have selected. An example of how the report prints is provided below:


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


Mr Chris Hamilton



Australian Aluminium Finishing Co Pty Ltd.


The report lists successive levels of relations. If the second level of relations (in our example above, Australian Aluminium Finishing Co) had further relations, they would be listed under the headings of level 3, level 4 and so on, until all existing relations were included.

If you choose to print the report to screen, the End of Report buttons display at the conclusion of the report.

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