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Unlocking and locking returns

When a return is exported to a portable system, it is locked in Tax. This option is used to unlock any locked return.

Do not change a return that you unlock. A return locked during export will be overwritten, when the exported copy is imported back to your ledger.

To access the unlock/lock function (AO)
  1. Open the Tax Returns Tab for the client whose tax return you are processing.

  2. Select the Lock/Unlock hyperlink from the Task bar.

  3. If the return is already locked the default will be to unlock it. If the return is not locked the default will be to lock it.

  4. Click OK. The presence or Padlock symbol will display or be removed indicating that the action has been successful.

To access the unlock/lock function (AE, Series 6 & 8)
  1. At the Return index, arrow to the return to be (un)locked. Locked returns are indicated by the word locked or the Padlock symbol.

  2. Click Utilities > Unlock/Lock Return.

  3. You will be asked if you wish to (un)lock the return. Select Yes or No as required.

  4. You may also select to unlock a batch of returns.
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