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Attaching Schedules

The only schedule permitted to be attached to the FBT return is the Other Attachments schedule, which is a data entry field at the foot of the return.

The schedule has only one visible line to enter text. MYOB advises that you create a few additional lines before you start typing so as not to lose the first line. If you create more lines than you need, you may leave the blank lines or delete them as you wish.

 When you complete this schedule, the system automatically updates the Front Cover question Other Attachments? field to Yes.

If you are lodging via PLS, the ATO advises that the only document that is required by law to be printed is the Electronic Lodgment Declaration (ELD). Both the tax agent and the taxpayer must keep a copy of this ELD for five years and be able to present it to the ATO if requested so to do.

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