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Batch Update: Pooling

CodeThe code field id (identification) is maintained by Tax and will be defaulted where the pool has been established.

This is the Number of the pool and where more than one pool has been created, click [F10] to list those pools.

Entering zero at this field will remove the highlighted asset(s) from the nominated pool.

Allocated to Pool this year

Tick this checkbox when assets are being added to the pool for the first time this current year so that depreciation is correctly calculated at the half pool rate. The pool balance will be updated with the asset details based on the start date entered for each asset.

Assets acquired in a prior year will be allocated to the pool and will be deducted at the full rate of decline. Assets acquired in the current year will be allocated to the pool and deducted at half rate.

If this option is not selected, the assets will be assumed to have been pooled in a prior year and, thus, will not affect the pool balance for this year. A manual adjustment to the opening balance of the pool should be made if required.

Click OK to save the settings as shown.

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