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Consolidation Losses Worksheet (clw)

This is a Tax worksheet and is not lodged with the return.

The consolidated losses index lists the transferors of group and bundled losses that transferred to the head company of the consolidated group.

For each entry in the index the transferor name, TFN and date the entity joined the group are straightforward. For a Group loss, the Bundle number shows the year the loss was transferred. For each bundled loss the Bundle number is unique and is used to distinguish this bundle from others deriving from the same transferor (that is, entity).

The options offered are:

NewTo add a new entry to the index, refer to Transferor Properties below.
PropertiesTo review an existing entry in the index, refer to Transferor Properties below.
DeleteTo delete an entry from the index.
CancelTo close the rates index and return to the losses index when all new rates are added or editing is complete.
UtilisationAccess the Consolidated Losses Utilisation Worksheet (clu).
To access the Consolidated Losses Worksheet (clw)

From within the return, click PreparationSchedule > Consolidation Losses Worksheet (clw) > Properties or New > Rate

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