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General Data Entry information

Is this a Quarterly or Monthly Statement code?Enter M for Monthly Statement, Q for Quarterly Statement or T where the Trustee is reporting TFN withholding amounts under the Closely Held Trust No-TFN withholding rules.
Label A1 - Document Identification Number (DIN)

Enter the document identification number. The ATO will issue these numbers before the date the activity statement is due. The due date depends on the frequency of lodgment that was elected at the time the ABN was registered. You can have all activity statements pre-filled automatically from the Activity Statement Client Lists AB and AI. For information on this update function refer to ATO Reports.

Ensure that the DIN is different for each activity statement lodged for your client. If you are in doubt, check on the Tax Agent’s Portal.

Revision Type Indicator

Do not enter a revision number if this is the first activity statement for the period. If you revise an existing activity statement, the revision number is controlled by the ATO system. If the client is new and has previously lodged a statement for the same period, then you must seek to find out how many times the particular statement has been revised in order that it will be accepted when you lodge via ELS. Up to nine revisions of the original Activity Statement may be lodged.

Label A2 - Australian Business Number (ABN)If it has been entered, the ABN will default from the Return Properties > General tab, otherwise key the ABN as issued by the ATO when the business was registered.
Label A3 - Period Covered by this Statement FromThe start date is pre-filled from the date entered in the previous screen.

Label A4 - Period Covered by this Statement To

The end date is calculated from the commencement date based on the frequency code selected at the Monthly or Quarterly code field.
Label A5 - This Statement is Due onThis date is generated from the date entered at Label A4.
Label A6 - This Statement is Payable onThis date is generated from the date entered at Label A4.
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