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Item 16 - Life insurance companies and friendly societies only

At any label B - F use the Generic Schedule / Worksheet.

Label B - Complying superannuation/FHSA class

Show at label B the amount of taxable income of the complying superannuation class.

If the company is a life insurance company that is not a member of a consolidated group and has complying superannuation class tax losses carried forward to later income years or complying superannuation net capital losses carried forward to later income years, complete a current year Losses Schedule.

Label C - Net capital gain, complying superannuation/FHSA class

Show at label C the amount of the net capital gain that accrued from the investment of complying superannuation assets.

Label D - Net capital gain, ordinary class

Show at label D the amount of the net capital gain that is included in the ordinary class of the taxable income of the company.

Label E - Gross assessable contributions

Show at label E the assessable contributions of complying superannuation funds that were transferred to the life insurance company under section 295-260 of the ITAA 1997 and are included in its assessable income of the company under sub-paragraph 320-15(1)(i).

Label F - Fees and charges

Show at label F the amount of all fees and charges included in assessable income.

Refer to Taxation Ruling TR2003/14 Income Tax: Life insurance companies: the actuarial determination of fees and charges.

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