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Item 49 - Capital allowances (Partnership Return)

Don't include an amount here if the partnership is a small business entity using the simplified depreciation rules. Include those amounts at Item 50 Small business entity simplified depreciation (partnership return) labels A and B.

Labels A, B and C: Depreciating assets first deducted in this income year
Labels A, B, G,  H and I have access to the Tax worksheet Intangible/Tangible depreciating assets worksheet (it).


Intangible depreciating assets first deducted

The amount at label A Intangible depreciating assets first deducted must reflect an amount that has been calculated for tax purposes.

B*Other depreciating assets first deducted
CHave you self-assessed the effective life of any of these assets?
Labels D to K: For all depreciating assets
Labels J and K have access to the Tax reconciliation worksheet (Schedule A). If you've used Schedule (A) to reconcile business income, we'll fill in labels J and K. See Schedule A Reconciliation.

DDid you recalculate the effective life for any of your assets this income year?
ETotal adjustable values at end of income year

Assessable balancing adjustments on the disposal of intangible depreciating assets


Deductible balancing adjustments on the disposal of intangible depreciating assets


Termination value of intangible depreciating assets


Termination value of other depreciating assets


Deduction for project pool

K**Section 40-480 deduction
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