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Item D13 - Deduction for Project Pool

Use the Depreciation worksheet (d) to create the project pool and manage the capital expenditure allocated to it and the pool balance from year-to-year.

Click label D to open the depreciation worksheet and enter the expenditure for the current income year.

When you close the depreciation worksheet we'll pass the calculated depreciation to:

Label D in the main return

Add an entry in the Deductions schedule at D13.

There is an open set of fields in the DDCTNS to enter pre-calculated amounts where you're not using the depreciation worksheet.

The work sheet allows for 20 entries. Press Ctrl+Insert to add rows. Press Ctrl+Delete to remove rows.

If you have more than one project each started in a different income year,because depreciation is calculated during the RSD process, the calculated depreciation (before current year expenses), will be rolled into label D13.

You must remember to add the current year expenditure when you are completing the return.

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