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cuj - Returns not necessary - Non-individual entities (PLS CURNN)

For more information about Client Update Forms see Client Update Forms via PLS.

Although the ATO has named this schedule Returns not necessary, this form covers both Further returns not necessary and Returns not necessary for more than one year. This has completely changed functionality from what was specified for ELS. Using these forms you can:

  • Select multiple years for Returns not necessary RNN and you can select up to 20 years between 1998 and the current year. An edit test will preclude you from entering more than 20 years

  • only select one year for Further returns not necessary, FRNN. From the year chosen for FRNN, the ATO will take it that no further returns will be required for this taxpayer from that year.

In addition, the Return PropertiesPAYG/LODGE > Return not necessary field will show only one year.

Updates to your client list lodged via PLS occur in real-time for single transactions, providing there are no errors in the request and the form is validated by the ATO.

Completing the MYOB cuj (PLS CURNN) for an individual

For more information about Client Update Forms see Client Update Forms via PLS.

This schedule applies solely to income tax returns.

The CU forms are available from the Preparation > Schedules Index or from the navigation pane under ATO forms when the return is open.

To open the CURNN
  1. With the income tax return open, click the CU Returns not necessary (CURNN) on the navigation pane ATO Forms. The cuj form will open in read-only mode.

  2. Select Type A Further Returns Not Necessary from the F10 drop-down.

  3. For FRNN select a year from the F10 drop-down; for the RNN select the year or years for which return or returns are not necessary.

  4. Press F3 or click the Validate icon to complete the form.

  5. Output and lodge in the normal way

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