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Keyboard Shortcuts for Tax

Accountants Enterprise only

Standard keyboard actions are:

Keyboard ShortcutDescription
ESCCancel and exit without saving changes.
F1Online help.
F2Auto key toggle for data controls.
F6Accept all field contents and action OK.
F8Folder Properties dialog.
F9Folder View dialog.
F10Open the selection list or the relevant right click menu.
Ctrl + EndAccept all field contents and action OK.
ENTERAccept control with current focus.
TABMove focus to first/next control or data control.
BackspaceMove focus to previous control or data control.
Ctrl + TABMove focus between sub-windows (dialog tabs).
Ctrl + TABItem properties (when in an index).
Alt + EInvokes edit mode
Alt + F4Application Close (Cancel from all windows).
Shift + DELDelete
Ctrl + XCut.
Ctrl + VInsert/paste.
Ctrl + CCopy.
DeleteClear (no transfer to clipboard)
InsertToggle between overtype and insert mode.
PgUpScroll up one page.
PgDnScroll down one page.
EndGo to end of field.
HomeGo to start of field.
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