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MAS Integration

Accountants Enterprise and AE Tax only

The MAS Integration routine is used for transferring summarised account balances from Management Accounting System (MAS) financial statements and for integration into specific tax returns.

To access MAS Integration
  1. Highlight the return to which the Tax/MAS data will be imported.

  2. Click ReportsIntegration > MAS Integration or for Tax Homepages users select the MAS Integration link from the navigation bar. The warning message is important. It informs you that if you have commenced editing the return imported values may overwrite those you have entered. You are advised to check the return prior to lodgment.

  3. Navigate and select the relevant MAS ledger.

  4. If you are processing an individual return you need to select to import either Business income or Personal services income.

  5. Click OK to transfer the balances.

    MAS details should only be imported once financial accounts have been completed. After MAS integration is completed, any subsequent changes to financial statements will not be reflected in tax returns unless the MAS routine is repeated.

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