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Master Letters Index

AE Tax only

Master letters are provided as templates for all the reports and listings that can be printed from Tax Calculator. Master letters in Tax Calculator consist solely of estimate headers and footers. Each letter is set out as a multi-columned report containing letter writing fields. The fields are used to extract specific name and address information from the application for inclusion in your reports, for example ^A124 for the name of the partner.

In order to create a letter or customise the master letter to suit your practice's needs, it must be transferred to Client Letters. Master letters are retained by the Tax Calculator and cannot be edited.

To transfer Master Letters to Client Letters
  1. Click Maintenance > Letter Writing.

  2. Click Master Letters.

  3. Click [Alt+N] for Transfer.

  4. The range of letters to be transferred defaults to all Master Letters, that is 'first' to 'last'. Click [Enter] twice to accept the default range. Alternatively, complete the prompts to define the range of master letters to be transferred.

    1. At Code From: Enter the code to identify the letter that will be the first letter transferred.

    2. At Code To: Enter the code to identify the letter that will be the last letter transferred.

    3. Click OK to continue editing the letter format or click Cancel to halt the process. The Format Code screen is displayed next.

  5. Enter a mask, if required. A mask is a sorting device which is used to sort out master letters with particular features from the range of master letters you have selected. For example, when the Mask entered is ???4*, only those master letters with the number '4' in the fourth position of their codes will be transferred.
  6. As each letter is transferred you are given the opportunity to select transfer the master letter. To do this, select:

    • Yes to transfer this master letter and move to the next in the range

    • No to bypass this master letter and move to the next in the range

    • Cancel to exit the transfer routine

    • All to transfer the full range of master letters selected

  7. If a client letter has the same code as a master letter being transferred, you are given the opportunity to select:

    1. Yes to overwrite the existing client letter with the master letter.
To switch to the Client Letters Index

From the Master Letters index, you may switch to the Client Letters index by clicking Client Letter or clicking [Alt+L]. The Client Letters index lists all the client letters that you have transferred.

To return to the Master Letters index, click Master Letters option.

To print a list of Master Letters
  1. Click File > List. The Output Selection screen opens.

  2. Select the required printing options for this listing.

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