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Payments Schedule

Not available in Accountants Office

If the Estimate being printed has PAYG Instalments to pay, then the Payments Schedule dialog will open.

Estimated lodgment date: The default date for this field is the system date, today's date. Accepting the default date will provide a Projected Payments Report based on today's date plus a calculated number of days for the assessment to issue from the Taxation Office. If the date of lodgment is to be a date other than today's date, if should be entered in the format DD-MM-CCYY. If PAYG Instalments payable are not detected then the Projected Payments dialog will not be offered.

Method of Calculation of Instalments: If the system detects that Instalments are applicable, the "Method of Calculation of Instalments" field will default with a "Q". If the payment of PAYG Instalments is not quarterly, it can be edited and a different method selected from the list at the field.

Use the [Up] arrow to move to the field and click [F10] to display the list which contains these options:

  • Annual

  • Seasonal

  • Quarterly

After selecting the relevant option, click [OK] to continue with the routine.

The Preview/Print screen opens. Here, select the required printing options.

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