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Practice Notes Maintenance

How to add a note
  1. Select Maintenance > Substantiation notes > Practice Notes.

  2. Select New.

  3. The Practice Notes data entry screen is displayed with the details blank.

How to edit a note
  1. At the Practice Notes index, highlight the required note and select Properties.

  2. With the Practice Notes data entry screen is displayed:

    • The text making up the practice note may be edited on the Details Tab.
    • To edit the identity of practice note, select the Edit option. The code and description of the practice note can be entered.
How to delete a practice note
  1. Highlight the required practice note.

  2. Select Delete.

  3. Confirm the deletion by selecting Yes, or cancel the deletion by selecting No.

How to produce a list of Practice Notes
  1. Select Maintenance > Substantiation Notes > Practice Notes.

  2. Select File > List.

  3. From the Print Format:

  • Select Index if you wish to print a listing of practice notes; or

  • Details if you wish to print the details of the practice notes.

  • The Note Code: Alternate screen next displays prompting you to key in the range of practice notes you wish to list.

  • Complete the Preview/Print screen to select the printing options for this listing.

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