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Pre-lodge an activity statement

What is pre-lodge?

Pre-lodge is a validation check done directly with the ATO's records.

Pre-lodge will:

  • check the integrity of the data against ATO validation rules and ATO records
  • allow you to correct any data errors before sending it for signature, avoid delays in processing.
  • prevent data from being changed automatically by the ATO.

If you use Online Tax, the pre-lodge is same as the Finalise functionality.

How do I pre-lodge?

Click Pre-lodge from the Tasks bar in the Activity Statement Obligations homepage.

This will save you time as you can correct any data errors before finalising your form and sending for signature.

From the Activity Statement Obligations homepage:

  1. Click the client's name to open an activity statement.
  2. Enter all the required values and F3 to complete the statement.
  3. Select the statement you want to pre-lodge and select Pre-lodge on the Tasks bar.
  4. For a successful pre-lodge, the status changes to Pre-lodge Passed and you can lodge the statement from the Lodgment Manager homepage.
  5. If the pre-lodge fails, click the Pre-lodge rejection report link to view the errors.

The status in Tax is not affected by pre-lodging an activity statement.


When you lodge forms from the Lodgment Manager homepage, pre-lodge runs automatically. Any rejected forms are shown on the Lodgment Manager homepage with a status of Rejected. This rejection includes pre-lodge errors.

If you don't pre-lodge, and your data doesn't match with the ATO's records, you'll receive a rejection based on an edit test. See CMN.ATO.AS.EM060 when lodging Activity Statements via PLS for more information.

Pre-lodge status

The Pre-lodge Status in the Activity Statement Obligations homepage column shows if it has passed or failed.

Pre-lodge StatusAction
Pre-lodge passedThere is no validation report when pre-lodge passes.
Pre-lodge rejected

From the Pre-lodge Rejection report menu, click Pre-lodge Rejection report to view the validation errors, and take the appropriate action.

You can find the Pre-lodge rejection reports in the Activity statement obligations homepage.

Warning messages have been added to F3 validation in Tax, indicating if a form hasn't been pre-lodged or if it has failed pre-lodge.

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