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Printing Tax Returns to PDF Printing

Not available in Accountants Office

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By printing tax returns to PDF from the Print Preview window you are able to email or file tax returns in PDF format. Converting the tax return to a PDF document increases document security. The PDF document includes ALL the documents selected for the print run.

This PDF functionality does not require a separate installation of PDF software and any upgrades to the PDF software occur when installing each new version of Tax.

The PDF document created from the Print Preview window is not the same as the Tax Office copy PDF or Facsimile printing of a tax return.

To print a tax return to PDF
  1. With the tax return open, click Reports > Print Return.

  2. Make the required selections in the Print Form window and click OK.

  3. From the Print window, click Preview.

  4. From the Print Preview window, click the button Output to PDF

     on the toolbar. The screenshot below highlights this button.

  5. From the File Export window, type a file name and save the PDF version of the tax return to the specified location.

    This facility does not allow the order of the pages in the PDF to be changed. If you wish to change the order of the pages, the tax return must be printed to MYOB PDF Manager which permits this.

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