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Reading the pre-fill report

The pre-filling report contains the following information, if it's available for your client

Pre-fill report info
  • Taxpayer details, such as name, postal/residential addresses, and date of birth

  • PAYG payment summaries, including information under:

    • Individual non-business details

    • Employee termination payments

    • Superannuation income streams

    • Superannuation lump sum

    • Business and personal services income

    • Foreign employment information

  • Government payments from the following sources:

    • Centrelink/Department of Human Services (DHS)

    • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)

    • Department of Employment (DoE)

  • ATO Interest

  • Interest income

  • Dividend and interest schedule

  • Dividend income

  • Employee share schemes

  • Managed funds distributions

  • Partnership distributions

  • Foreign source investment income

  • Share disposals

  • Property transfer

  • Taxable payments

  • Net farm management deposits or repayments

  • Tax offsets

  • Medicare levy surcharge (MLS)

  • Income test related items

  • Private health insurance policy details

  • ATO data (includes amounts to help estimate your client’s refund or debt)

  • Prior year tax return details

For more information on what's covered under each section, see Pre-filling contents on the ATO website.

Differences between PLS and Tax Agent Portal

The PLS pre-filling report returns the same data as the Tax Agent Portal (TAP) pre-filling report, with some exceptions.

For more information on these exceptions, see What's new on the ATO Pre-filling page.

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