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Select Text Letter Index

Accountants Enterprise only

How to display the Select Letter index
  1. Click Utilities > Control Record > Year Defaults.

  2. Click Report Defaults to display the Report Defaults screen.

  3. Click [Edit].

  4. At any Report Defaults field click [F10] to display the Select Letter index.

Options available from the index

This index lists all the master letters you have transferred and any letters you have created. From this index, you may edit existing letters to suit your practice's needs.

In order to include data from the application (such as figures, descriptions etc.) in your reports, you must instruct the application to insert the relevant data in your reports. This is done through the use of letter writing fields. Each field causes data to be extracted from the application for printing in a report. Each field is prefixed by the caret symbol (^).

Editing a Letter

You may edit the details of a letter by:

  1. Highlighting the letter you wish to edit and clicking [Properties] or [Alt+T]. The prompts Code and Description are displayed.

  2. At Code: Enter a code with which to index the letter you are editing. Up to 10 digits can be entered in this field. Each letter must have a unique code.

  3. At Description: Enter a description for the letter you are editing. Up to 40 alphanumeric characters can be entered in this field. This description should be meaningful and relevant.

  4. Click [OK] to continue and the letter writing screen displays.

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