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Setting up to use Tax Tracking

Accountants Enterprise only

To enable Tax to use Tax Tracking
  1. Nominate that returns are to be monitored using Tax Tracking:

    1. Open Tax .

    2. Select Utilities > Control Record.
    3. Open the Lodgment tab.
    4. At the field Monitor Lodgment: click F10 and select Tax Tracking.
    5. At the field Step to set lodged forms to: select the appropriate step the return attains when it is lodged.
  2. Open Tax Tracking and complete the Control Record. Refer to Control Record in TTS.

  3. For each return processed update the step attained:

    1. Select LodgmentUpdate > I P T C F forms.
    2. Complete the fields on the General and Details tab. Refer to Update the step.
    3. Select OK to save the changes.
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