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Sort View Table

Accountants Enterprise only

Sort Views are used to identify specific groups of contacts with common attributes, so enabling reports to be printed for these contacts. Information can also be extracted from the database according to a particular value within a sort view. For example, the sort view MANAGER will have a value being the employee's code.

There are system required sort views or user created sort views.

System Required Sort Views include:

  • Partner

  • Manager

  • Employee

  • Office

  • Index

  • Area

  • Code 1 to Code 6 inclusive

To create a new sort view table:

Select New and the Add/Edit Sort View table entries window displays.

These parameters are entered:

Code: A ten alphanumeric character field; enter a code to index the sort view item you wish to add, for example, Doctor, Ph, email etc.

Description: A sixty alpha character field; enter a precise description for the sort view item you are adding, for example, doctors, business phone, email address etc.


Applies to: Nominate which type of contacts to which the sort view you are adding applies. Click [F10] for a list of three valid options; Contacts, Employees and Both.

Validation: In this sixty character alphanumeric field, you may nominate to validate the sort view you are adding against existing contacts in your database. In this field you are validating against existing status types (either contacts or employees). For example, you may nominate the following; D169 EQ 'Doctor'. This means only contacts with the title 'Doctor' will be validated by the system and assigned the sort view you are adding.

Mandatory for: In this field, you nominate which group of contacts for which the sort view you are adding is compulsory. Click [F10] for a list of valid options. Or, click [Enter] to bypass this field if required.

Default view: If you entered an answer at the previous field, then you are required to enter a default value for the sort view you are adding. The value you enter here must be a valid entry in your database. For example, enter a contact code that has the title of doctor in your database.

You may alternatively use the command @FIRST in this field. This means the default value is always the very first contact in the database with the title of 'Doctor'.

Validations on Value

Code type: Central Database allows the value of the sort view to be validated against data in your database. You may validate values only against the contacts in your database. Enter a type of code for validation purposes if required. For example, if you were setting up a sort view code of 'Doctor', then the code type here would be Contact. Click [F10] for a list of options and select one to continue.

Validation code: If Validation type was selected within the previous field code type, this field will become active. Click [F10] or the ellipse to display the Validation Table. Select the validation code you wish to attach to the sort view and press [Enter].

Condition: Enter a condition for validation purposes if applicable. For example, if you set up a sort view of 'Doctor' and a code type of 'Contact', then the contact needs to have the title of 'Doctor'.

To enter the required information here, you need to nominate the field to be validated. The title field is D169. So enter the required information as follows: D169 EQ 'Doctor'. This means the title of the contact must be 'Doctor' for it to be validated by the system and assigned the sort view you are adding.

When you have completed the window, either click OK to save the changes, or click Apply to save changes and to continue to add another sort view.

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