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Standard answers

Accountants Enterprise and Series 6/8 only

The Standard answers index is a list of common responses you repeat many times to fill data entry fields with text, such as dates, bank names, government department names and so on.

Standard answers can be selected at any data entry field where this 

icon is active. The shortcut key is [F7].

How to maintain your list of Standard answers
  1. Click Maintenance > Standard answers.

  2. At the Standard answers index, select:

  • The Standard answer Properties screen displayed is blank when adding a new entry.

  • Click OK to save the details and close the properties screen.

  • To Delete a Standard answer, highlight the entry in the list and select Delete. To confirm the action select Yes or cancel select No.

    How to produce a list of Standard answers
    1. Click Maintenance > Standard answers.

    2. Click File > List.

    3. The Preview/Print screen allows you to select the output device for this listing.

    4. The Record Selection screen will be displayed. Enter the range of status codes to be listed. Every Standard answer within the range entered will be listed.

    How to retrieve the Standard answer you want

    Over time your list of answers may become long. So that you obtain maximum benefit and to simplify locating the entry you want, use distinctive codes to categorise your Standard answers. For instance, prefix each code for a bank with the letter B, Superfunds with S, charities with C and so on.

    To locate answers in the list, type the first letter of the code required. The first Standard answer prefixed by that letter appears.

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