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User Accounts

Accountants Enterprise only

User Accounts enables you to add or edit existing or new users' defaults and settings.

To access user properties
  1. From the Navigation bar, click Administration > User Accounts. The User Accounts window opens.

  2. Highlight the user and click File > Properties to open the User Properties window.
    The fields on the General tab are:

    User CodeDisplays the login name for the user. For a network user, this is usually the same as their network login name. At installation, the login SUPERVIS is automatically created for administration of the system.
    NameDisplays the full name of the operator.
    PasswordAn optional password can be configured for each user. On a network, the user is prompted for the password if the Gateway Mandatory option is enabled or a password has been set.
    Gateway mandatorySelect this to cause the Access Gateway window to display each time the user logs in.
    Security levelThe Security Level field displays the access level for the user. A user can have an access level between 0* and 6*, with 0* providing basic access and 6* providing supervisor level access. You can also use the ? wildcard in place of the * wildcard. These wildcards represent any letter between A – Z and are interchangeable.
    WorkpathBy default, the local path is set to %temp%\usercode where usercode is a user login.
    The %temp% is a system variable name and the %temp% variable value stores the Windows temp directory (for example, C:\WINNT\TEMP). When a user logs in the system creates temporary work files for the user in their specified workpath under the Windows temp directory.
    For example, when user AA logs in, the TEMP variable comes from Windows and the temporary files are stored in this location (on user AA’s machine, TEMP variable is set to C:\WINNT\TEMP). When user AA logs in, temporary files are stored in the C:\WINNT\TEMP\AA directory.
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