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Zone Offset Details

Not available in Accountants Office

A Zone Offset can be claimed by people living in remote or isolated areas of Australia. These areas are divided into two categories: Zone A and Zone B.

In general, Zone A designates areas where isolation, uncongenial climate and high cost of living are more pronounced than areas designated Zone B.

Within each zone there are special areas which yield a higher rebate. These are called special zones. A special zone is generally an area where the nearest town or centre with a population of at least 2500 is more than 250 kilometres away. To qualify for a zone rebate, at least 183 days during the year must be spent in one or more zones.

These fields are listed for the Zone Offsets:

  • Special Zone A

  • Ordinary Zone A

  • Special Zone B

  • Ordinary Zone B

  • Overseas forces

For each zone rebate category, this information is shown:

  • the fixed amount for the zone rebate for the current financial year,

  • the percentage of the relevant rebate amount applicable to each zone rebate category.

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