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Managing tax notices using the Tax Notice page

The Tax Notices page provides a quick way to:

  • manage your tax notices

  • find all the tax clients in your database with tax payments due in a selected month

    You can select to view payments due in the current month or any of the 5 subsequent months.

  • open and review the details for a client’s tax notice

  • update the status of one or more selected tax notices

  • preview and print one or more selected tax notices

  • email tax notices to your clients.

You can customise the information displayed on the Tax Notices page by adding, removing or rearranging the columns. See Customising a display table.

To open the Tax Notices page
  1. On the toolbar, from the Tax button drop-down list, select Tax Notices.
  2. To display information, select a Due Date and click Search.

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