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Opening Tax Manager

Accountants Enterprise only

Tax Manager opens on a client by client basis. A new window opens for each client, and you can have multiple Tax Manager windows open at any point in time.

Tax Manager:

  • provides real time access to the information you need to manage your client’s tax position

  • checks your data and automatically alerts you if it finds any issues that you need to know about

  • processes assessments automatically

  • provides up to date filing statistics

  • streamlined tax notice processing.

There are a number of ways to open Tax Manager.

To open tax manager
  • Click the IRD Number for the required client on any of the tax list pages.

  • Select the required client, go to any of the tax list pages and, on the TASKS bar, click Tax manager.

  • Go to the Client page Tax tab and, on the TASKS bar, click Tax manager.

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