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Viewing the IRD transactions for a client

The IRD statement view displays the tax transactions received from the IRD for the selected client and tax year. This information is downloaded from the IRD each night, so the information displayed allows you to review the current situation for the client as specified by the IRD.

The information displayed on the IRD statement view includes:

  • transaction Date

  • transaction Description

  • transaction amount as either Dr or Cr

  • Balance

  • Deferred Date. If a transaction has been deferred, this shows the date that the transaction has been deferred to. If the transaction has been deferred indefinitely, Indefinitely will be displayed.

    (AO) This is the equivalent of ignoring transactions in AO Classic.

  • Reconciled indicates whether the transaction has been reconciled.

Where the transaction Description contains an IRD number, position your cursor over the description to see the name associated with the IRD number.

To view the IRD statement
  1. On the toolbar, click Tax. The Tax - Client Search page appears.
  2. Click the IRD Number for the client you are interested in. The Tax Manager window appears displaying the Summary page for the selected client.
  3. On the TASKS bar, click IRD statement. The IRD statement for the current year appears.
To change the information displayed

You can change the information displayed on the IRD statement using the filters at the top of the window.

  • To select a different year, click on the year to open a drop-down list and select a different year. The information displayed will be refreshed to show entries for the selected year.
  • To show entries for the selected tax type, select the different radio buttons in the Tax Types box. Only relevant tax types for the selected client are available for selection. If the account for a particular tax type is unreconciled, an investigate icon
    , is displayed next to the tax type. To display the variance details, hover your cursor over the icon.
  • To only show entries that have been deferred, click the Deferred entries only checkbox.
  • To sort the entries by that column, click the column heading. To reverse the order of the sort, click the column heading a second time.
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