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Viewing the tax position summary for a client

The Summary view displays when the Tax Manager opens. This view provides an overall summary of a client’s tax position to assist you in managing their tax. The screen shows summaries for the selected year and includes:

  • alerts and notifications

  • return status and summary amounts

  • provisional tax details

  • use of money

  • losses and imputation credits to be carried forward

  • assessments for terminal and provisional tax and their status

  • summary of the provisional payment instalment amounts

  • summary of the terminal payment amounts.

Any provisional or terminal payments that have not been made by the due date (i.e. missed payments) will be displayed as red text.

To view the summary
  1. On the toolbar, click Tax. The Tax - Client Search page appears.

  2. Click the IRD Number for the client you are interested in. The Tax Manager window appears displaying the Summary page for the selected client.
To change the information displayed on the Summary view
  • To display a different year, click on the year to open a drop-down list and select a different year. The information displayed will be refreshed to show entries for the selected year.

  • To sort the assessments:

    1. Click any of the column headings.

    2. Click the heading again to sort the assessments in reverse order.

To update some of the information displayed on the Summary view
  1. Right click on an assessment to:
    • manually update the status flag

      When you attempt to accept a terminal Income Tax assessment, if there is a variance in the figures, the Assessment details will be displayed so you can reconcile your figures against the IRD assessment. You will not be able to accept an assessment until the variances are removed.

    • manually add or update a comment

    • view the details of accepted Terminal Income Tax assessments.

  2. Click on the relevant Confirmed checkbox to confirm the amount of losses or imputation credits to be carried forward.

About the assessment status flags

When an IRD assessment is received, the Status flag is used to show the result of a comparison between the IRD assessment and the information stored in Tax Manager. The following statuses are used:


Accepted assessment

  • indicates that the IRD assessment agrees with Tax Manager

  • is set automatically when the assessments match

  • can be set manually by reconciling the assessments to remove any variances

  • once an assessment has been accepted, you are not able to manually change the status.

Investigate assessment

  • indicates that the IRD assessment is different to the Tax Manager assessment

  • you need to investigate further and reconcile the amounts before the assessment can be accepted

  • is set automatically when there is a variance in the assessments

  • can be set manually for assessments that are either marked as checking or objected.

Checking assessment

  • indicates that the assessment is currently under investigation

  • can only be set manually.

Objected assessment

  • indicates that the IRD assessment is under dispute

  • can only be set manually.

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