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Where does the transaction information come from?

A number of entries and transactions are automatically created as you use MYOB AE, MYOB AO, AO Classic and AE Tax. Some examples include:

  • terminal Tax liability/refund when a tax return is created via Return Preparation or Tax Manager

  • provisional tax liabilities for the following year when a tax return is created via Return Preparation or Tax Manager

  • ACC or Student Loan as appropriate as per the tax return

  • transfers created in the Tax Return between clients, years or tax types (i.e. a transfer to ACC)

  • provisional Tax Estimates as created in Tax Manager

  • use of Money Interest when established via Return Preparation or Tax Manager

  • payment of tax that has been established through Provisional and Terminal Tax Payment Processing.

When reviewing the Transactions in Tax Manager, you can edit or delete the majority of these automatic entries if required. The exception to this is Terminal Tax and Provisional Tax entries. They cannot be edited or deleted. Where a Terminal Tax or Provisional Tax entry is incorrect, the appropriate information for the tax return (using Return Preparation module, or Provisional Tax screens in Tax Manager) needs to be adjusted.

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