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Working with IRD data downloads

IRD transactions for all clients in the practice are downloaded directly from the IRD web services on a nightly basis, using the IRD login details stored in your agency list. After the transactions are downloaded, they are automatically reconciled with matching MYOB AE/AO transactions.

The rules to auto reconcile IRD data are preconfigured and cannot be changed in MYOB AE/AO. The variances accepted by the auto-reconciliation are:


Variances accepted by auto reconciliation

FAM tax accounts

5% of the original calculation

INC tax accounts


REB tax accounts


SLS tax accounts

5% of the original calculation

tolerance for payments

7 days

The IRD Data page provides a quick way to review the transactions downloaded from the IRD for your practice. There are three display views:

UnreconciledThis view displays a list of all client that have IRD transactions that were unable to be reconciled with MYOB AE/AO transactions.
Batch Review

This view displays all the transactions which were imported into MYOB AE/AO on the date shown in the Import Date field.


This view displays all IRD transactions which have been manually deferred by you using the defer tasks in Tax Manager.

In any of these views you can:

  • double-click the row containing the required client to open Tax Manager for that client

  • click an IRD Number hyperlink to open Tax Manager for that client

  • click a Client Code hyperlink to open their Client page Tax tab

  • click a Client Name hyperlink to open Return preparation for that client

  • filter the list of transactions to display only those that match the information you require

  • sort the transactions displayed

  • group the results so that transactions with the same information are listed together.

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