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IR4 Question 32B Associated taxpayers

For companies, the following persons are associated taxpayers for the purposes of transferring overpaid tax:

  • another company in the same group of companies
  • a shareholder-employee of the company
  • a partner in the same partnership.

If you want your refund transferred to another person, you will need to show if they are an associated taxpayer.

Transfer date

You can ask for your credit to be transferred at any date as long as it is not before the relevant dates set out as follows.
For credit transferred:

  • to your account/an associated taxpayer's account
    If the credit is from excess tax deducted (eg, RWT deducted on interest) it's the day after your balance date (or 1 April if your balance date is before 31 March). If the credit is from overpaid provisional tax it's the day you overpaid it. Please note that special rules apply if tax pooling funds have been transferred in.
  • to a non-associated taxpayer's account
    It's the later of the day you requested the transfer, or the day after you file your return.

Future transfer dates

If you want your credit transferred at a future date, attach a note to the front of your return with the details of the amount you want transferred, the account you want it transferred to (if it's to another person and they are associated) and the date
you want it transferred.

If you don't tell us the date you want your credit transferred, we will transfer it at a date we think gives you the greatest advantage. If you want the credit transferred at a different date, you can ask us to change it (even if we have transferred
your credit to cover a debt).

Requesting transfers on your return

You can ask us to transfer a refund to another account by filling out page 4 of the return. If you ask us to, we will transfer the refund to:

  • the company's own account or an account of someone associated to the company on the later of:
    • the day after the balance date (or 1 April if your balance date is before 31 March)
    • the due date in the destination account.
  • an account of someone not associated to the company on the day after the return was filed.

If you want the company's refund transferred at a different date from those listed earlier, you can attach a note to the return, including the details of the account you want the refund transferred to and the transfer date you want. If the transfer is going to another person, tell us if they are associated to the company.

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