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IR526 What can I claim?


A donation is a gift of money made voluntarily to a school/kindergarten or a donee organisation, where there is no identifiable direct benefit to the donor, or the donor’s family.

To claim a tax credit, a receipt must have the word “donation” written on it.

If you have receipts, you can claim a tax credit for donations of $5 or more.

Go to (search keyword: donee) for a list of approved donee organisations.

School/kindergarten donations

You can claim a donation tax credit for school fees or state-run kindergartens as long as they go to the general fund. Enter all donations made to school/kindergartens in Box 3.

Religious organisation donations

A religious organisation donation is an unconditional donation made to a donee religious organisation or group. Enter all donations made to donee religious organisations in Box 4.

Remaining donations

Enter all remaining donations in Box 5. If you made a donation through a religious organisation to an unrelated charitable organisation, enter this amount in Box 5.

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