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IR7 Front page of the return

Questions 1–7

The information on the front page of the return helps Inland Revenue to be sure that any correspondence they send goes to the right place, with the right information.

Fill in Questions 1 to 7 only if the information is not printed on the return or is incorrect.

Question 4

Postal address

If the partnership or LTC has a new postal address write the details at Question 4. If your new address is a PO Box number, please show your box lobby if you have one. If you’re unsure of your box lobby, please contact New Zealand Post.

Leave this address panel blank if the partnership or LTC uses its agent’s postal address. The agent will let Inland Revenue know any change of address when updating their client list.

Question 6

Business industry classification (BIC) code


Inland Revenue are lawfully required to supply the Accident compensation Corporation (ACC) with a code for your business or trading activity, for levy classification and calculation.

If your BIC code isn’t preprinted on the return or is different from the preprinted one, please enter the correct code.

To work out your main business or trading activity and its code, go to

It’s important that you choose the code which most accurately reflects your main business or trading activity. If you’re unable to identify the correct code, call ACC on 0508 426 837.

Please provide the code only. Don’t provide a description.

Question 7

Daytime phone number

 Inland Revenue ask for your daytime phone number at Question 7 so that they can contact you if they have any questions about your return.
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