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Adding a practice template

Accountants Enterprise only

When creating a practice template, you cannot create a blank template. You must always start with a master template or copy an existing practice template.

How to add a practice template
  1. Access the Designer. The MYOB Workpaper Templates window opens.
  2. Select the Practice templates option. A list of available practice templates is displayed.
  3. Click Add on the Tasks bar. The Add Workpaper Template window opens.
  4. Enter a unique Template description. The description is limited to a maximum of 100 alphanumeric characters. The description is not case sensitive.

    The Template description must be unique.

  5. You can add a new template by:

    • Copying from a master template. Click the Copy from MYOB Master option.

    • Copying from an existing practice template. Click the Copy from a practice template option.

  6. Select the template from the corresponding drop-down. If you know the name of the template, you can type in this field to search for it. By default, when a new template is added the Template status is In progress.

  7. Select the practice template Category from the drop-down.

  8. (Australia) If you have selected the Tax category, the Tax form type field is editable. Select the appropriate Tax Return Form for this workpaper template.

  9. Select the Rollover workpaper to next accounting period option, if required.Select this option if you want client workpapers that are created from this template to be rolled over into the next accounting period.

  10. Select the Show a link in the Prepare Workpapers screen to all referenced account codes option, if required. Select this option if you want this workpaper to be shown against all the account codes referenced in it, rather than only against the account code the workpaper was initially created for.

  11. Click OK. A new practice template is created.

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