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Adding and removing columns in the Trial Balance Workpapers

To add or remove columns in the Trial Balance (Workpapers) table, you can use the Field Chooser. It includes the following columns:




Quantity (Australia)

The quantity for the account. Only appears when there is a value.


The difference between the closing balance and the opening balance. The closing balance takes into consideration any adjustment journals created in Workpapers and yet to be included in the configured general ledger.

Client bal. (YTD)

The account value, imported from the ledger.


Any debits from adjustment journals on the account.


Any credits from adjustment journals on the account.


The client balance, taking into account debits and credits from adjustment journals.

Last Period

The balances for the last period for each account.

If a new workpaper period is created and not rolled over from the previous workpapers period, the comparative figures will be populated with values from either the underlying ledger or the Modified balances. These values will depend on the configuration settings used by Statutory Reporter. (Not applicable to MAS or Accounts products.)


The difference between the final period and the last period.

How to change columns using the Field Chooser
  1. In the Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table, right-click and select Field Chooser. The Field Chooser window displays.
  2. Select the fields you wish to have displayed in the table by selecting and clearing the checkboxes next to each field. The Trial Balance (Workpapers) table will update according to your selection.
  3. Close the Field Chooser window when you are finished.
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