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In workpapers, you can review a client’s accounts and balances. Account balances are calculated and substantiated.

Link documents to accounts within the workpaper to substantiate each account’s balance. If the balance for an account is different to a client’s balance, add an adjustment journal.

After reviewing and approving accounts, workpapers and documents, adjustment journals and the created accounts are posted to the client’s ledger.

Data entered in a workpaper is automatically rolled over to later workpaper periods. You can print a PDF report for review purposes. The workpaper period is then marked as complete.

The procedure to complete a workpaper period is:

  1. Configuring workpapers

  2. Accessing workpapers

  3. Workpapers homepage

  4. Creating and opening workpaper periods

  5. Preparing workpapers

  6. Completing workpapers.

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